Guide Brains: Capt. Gary Traylor – Fisher of Men Guide Service

Being in the fishing business has its perks – one of which is our constant contact with local fishing guides. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable about the fishery in which they make their living, they are also conservation oriented, which is something that we pride ourselves in, and want to foster in you! Guides have a vested interest in conserving the fisheries that sustain their careers and lifestyle, and we truly appreciate that mentality. It is with this in mind that we are rolling out a new series called Guide Brains, where we highlight upstanding guides in order to 1) highly recommend them to anglers searching for local fishing guides, and 2) hone in on some of the most important techniques that guides use to find fish. Obviously we can’t divulge everything! You’ll have to hire a guide for that.

Welcome to the first episode of guide brains

Without further ado, here is the Q&A with our debut Guide Brains episode captain, Captain Gary Traylor of Fisher of Men Guide Service out of the Galveston Bay Complex. Capt. Traylor uses his guide service to bring families closer together in fellowship, which is truly a wonderful thing!

Guide Brains Q&A – Captain Gary Traylor

The technical stuff:

Boca Chica: Tell us a little bit about your guide service (e.g. what your guide service is called, how long you have been a guide, where you operate out of).

Capt. Traylor: My name is Capt. Gary Traylor, owner of Fisher of Men Guide Service. I have been fishing the Galveston Complex (West Bay, East Bay, Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay) for over 30 years. The main reason I started my service was to take fathers and sons, and young men without fathers (deceased or incarcerated fathers) out in an environment where they can talk, share and commune without technology interfering.

Boca Chica: Do you primarily wade fish, or do you fish from the boat?

Capt. Traylor: I primarily fish out of the boat, but I customize my trips to whatever the client requests.

Boca Chica: What is usually your target species?

Capt. Traylor: Being that I fish the Galveston Complex, my target fish are Speckled Trout and Reds.

Boca Chica: Do you use artificial or live bait?

Capt. Traylor: I customize my trips to accommodate my customers, therefore I use both live bait and artificial.

Boca Chica: What’s your go-to color?

Capt. Traylor: My favorite go-to colors change with the seasons, but they are White/Chartreuse tail, Morning Glory, Chartreuse Flash/Glitter, Pumpkin Seed, Chicken on the Chain, Red/White tail

Boca Chica: In a few sentences, generally describe what you look for when locating fish or potential fishable waters. What are your summer techniques versus your winter techniques?

Capt. Traylor: With any trip there are signs that let you know if the fish are there or not. Signs such as live bait working, slicks, and birds. These are key factors that indicate fish are most likely there. At this point presentation is the key.

As for Summer patterns, there are two main presentations that most of us guides use. The first is drifting with shrimp under a cork, the second is throwing artificial or fishing with croaker corkless. The most effective winter techniques include drift fishing or wading with shrimp under a cork.

Boca Chica: Do you also fish tournaments? If so, what’s your favorite tournament and why?

Capt. Traylor: I don’t do tournaments.

Just for fun:

Boca Chica: What’s your bucket list species?

Capt. Traylor: A fish that I have never caught or tasted, partly because I have never fished for it, is the Triple Tail. I hear that these are some fighting jokers, and the meat is white and sweet.  When my schedule allows, I may actually go out and  fish for them.

Boca Chica: What’s the most exotic destination you’ve fished?

Capt. Traylor: My most exciting destination was Alaska. I enjoyed fishing the Kenai River for Silvers and Kings!! After a day or two of that, we went to the ocean and fished for Halibut.

Boca Chica: Are you a baitcaster or spinning guy?

Capt. Traylor: When it comes to reel types, each one has its place in my arsenal. If I am going to be grinding all day, I like to use a medium-light to a medium bait casting rod and reel. This gives me better casting control with less effort and pinpoint accuracy.  This also allows me the ability to feel EVERY SINGLE THING in the water.

When I am pursuing Reds, I like to use my spinning combos. It is easier to troll the banks while flipping a spinning combo in search for Reds. Once they hit, the drag system on a spinning reel is so much stronger and faster and easier to adjust.

Boca Chica: What’s your largest trout? What’s your largest red?

Capt. Taylor: My biggest trout is 28.5″. I caught her in Baffin Bay on a fire tiger paddle tail. I never really measure my reds once I see that they are over 28″.

And that wraps our debut Guide Brains Q&A. Thanks again to Captain Gary Traylor of Fisher of Men Guide Service!

If you would like to book a trip with Capt. Traylor, you can get in touch with him at the information below.

Capt Gary Traylor – Fisher of Men Guide Service

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