Killi Jerk Saltwater Jerkbait

The Killi Jerk saltwater jerkbait was created to bring in the beasts. At 6″ in length, the Killi Jerk gives hardcore anglers, particularly winter Speck anglers, the greatest technical advantage. Don’t discount its effectiveness on big cruising Reds though. We’ve designed the Killi Jerk saltwater jerkbait to be BIG, yet graceful, and sturdy, yet flexible. Jerk baits have always been a go-to for us as Boca Chica, so we wanted to develop something that everyone would enjoy throwing, Our high density plastic allows for long distance casting when patrolling the flats, Moreover, we’ve still incorporated our floating plastisol formula, which allows you to get a nice floating tail twitch when jigging this awesome lure. Available in multiple colors in packs of 4. Free shipping on orders of $49 or more.