Flex Mullet "Oro Rojo"

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THE STORY: The same street of gold that paves the way to El Dorado came at a price - blood. The Flex Mullet "Oro Rojo" is a reminder, and there's magic in that. So much so, that the red/golden fish that you seek reveres this color combo. Like you to the ocean, reds are drawn to the Flex Mullet "Oro Rojo". You need not know the mechanism behind it - just know that it has powers...ancient powers paid in sangre.

THE DESIGN: We packed the Flex Mullet "Oro Rojo" full of gold flake. We then hand dipped the tail in red dye to give it a pop of extra color. Something for the fish to key in on. This color combo is great for dirtier water or overcast days, but it's been known to shine in clearer waters as well. Rig it with a standard jighead and keep it shallow and close to structure, whether that be oysters or marsh edges. You can also rig it weedless and work it closer to the surface over grass or oysters.