Flex Mullet "Texas Flamin' Mingo"

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THE STORY: Flamingos mate for life - I actually don't know if that's true, but once you try the Flex Mullet "Texas Flamin' Mingo" you'll sure be hooked for life. Do you live in Florida? Do you live in a trailer park? Throw some of these in your front lawn and you're sure to impress the neighbors. Especially if your neighbors are fish!

THE DESIGN: The Flex Mullet "Texas Flamin' Mingo" has a translucent pink base color with silver glitter throughout. We then added the white tail for some extra dirty water pop! This is a true Texas trout color. Trout lovers: Rig the Flamin' Mingo with a standard jighead and work in deeper water. Redfish fanatics: Rig it weedless and work it closer to the surface over grass or oysters.