Q-Tail Swimbait Fishing Lures - Boca Chica Baits

The Ultimate Hybrid Swimbait



Floating Tail


Slow Roll Or Straight Retrieve – Action Either Way

The Q-Tail is our revolutionary soft plastic lure. It combines your favorite traditional swimbait with our favorite action packed modified curl-tail lure. Developed to optimize tail action, the Q-Tail plays second fiddle to no other soft plastic. The inspiration behind this innovative tail was the realization that no saltwater soft plastics companies had done what many freshwater companies had been doing all along…developing soft plastics with tail buoyancy. We’ve done just that by incorporating floating plastic which makes the Q-Tail stand on its head while on the bottom. This technology allows the angler to create subtle tail flicks that will entice even the most hesitant fish strike.




“Bahia Sur”


“Po’ Pierre”