Welcome to Boca Chica Bait Company

We're glad you're here! Shop around or read our blog dedicated to fishing, fish, and fisheries science.  If we don't currently make  your favorite soft plastic color, please feel free to contact us with a custom order. Angler input makes us better, so we welcome any information you have. Be sure to join our mailing list in order to be the first to hear about our promotional offers and new products.

Although we have a passion for fishing, as fisheries scientists we realize that our passion cannot be supported if we don't first prioritize conservation of our aquatic resources. Thus, we have partnered with Coastal Conservation Association, who in turn partners with various academic research institutions in order to support science-based estuarine conservation. We are donating 5% of every purchase to support estuarine conservation efforts. Please join us in supporting our wonderful aquatic resources.

Taylor - Founder