Flex Mullet "Chupacabra"

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Flex Mullet "Chupacabra"

It’s a beast, but you love to tell the tale. My dad swears that he’s seen the Chupacabra before near Lake Nacogdoches. He and his friend were driving home from a long day of fishing, and out of the bushes on a no-name gravel road they saw it – the Goat Sucker! From that day on, my dad’s friend was a diabetic. Shut his pancreas down right then and there.

Where and How to Fish the "Chupacabra"

Harness the all-water power of the Flex Mullet "Chupacabra", but be careful! This lure has bite. The Chupacabra is our go-to lure for just about every condition we find in the Gulf Coast - it's 100% our confidence lure. There are several ways to rig the Flex Mullet "Chupacabra", our favorite being weedless. We like to straight retrieve the weedless rig along marsh grass edges, over shallow seagrass flats, or over oyster beds. The weedless setup is great for dense oysters or thick grass, and will eliminate the frustration of snagging oyster and in turn spooking fish. The other way we like to rig the Flex Mullet "Chupacabra" is with our favorite jig head (you'll hear us drop this name often, because they are our absolute favorite choice), the Texas Rattler. Check them out here. The Chupacabra provides the thump and vibration and the Texas Rattler provides the noise. It's perfect for muddy water conditions. Pick up the Flex Mullet "Chupacabra" (here) today, and support a 100% MADE-IN-USA company!

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