Top 10 Flex Mullet Colors

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Top 10 Flex Mullet Colors

Redfish are why I started Boca Chica. There are few things better than sight casting to reds in 10” of water. With that, I’ve spent lots of time developing colors that are effective for reds in a variety of water clarities and conditions. Here are my TOP 5 Flex Mullet colors for muddy water and TOP 5 Flex Mullet colors for clear water. Each color has a little description of why I like it (for information), as well as the website description (for entertainment) for each color.


1. Flex Mullet “Dirty Dorado”

The Dirty Dorado is excellent for dark/turbid water. The contrast of the dark body in muddy water makes it easily visible to redfish. I love throwing it weedless over oysters.


Underneath the Road of Gold lies tar. The Flex Mullet “Dirty Dorado” is the dark side to our supremely effective “Dorado” color variant. A shade darker than “Dorado”, the 3.5″ “Dirty Dorado” suppresses some of the golden brilliance of the “Dorado”, while still allowing it to peak through and catch a fish’s attention. A darker shade of gold is the ideal color variant for overcast days in the marsh. The tar-ish hue of “Dirty Dorado” give a slightly more realistic appearance when throwing against marsh grass and does an incredible job of emulating scales on a Croaker or smaller Red – perfect for chasing shallow water Reds in murky water.

2. Flex Mullet “Chupacabra”

I LOVE GOLD! Gold flake pops in darker waters. I throw the Chupacabra on sunny days in the summer and fall. The chartreuse tail just adds an extra target for redfish to see.


It’s a beast, but you love to tell the tale. My dad swears that he’s seen the Chupacabra before near Lake Nacogdoches. He and his friend were driving home from a long day of fishing, and out of the bushes on a no-name gravel road they saw it – the Goat Sucker! From that day on, my dad’s friend was a diabetic. Shut his pancreas down right then and there.

3. Flex Mullet “Bayou Magic” 

For the same reasons as above, the black body of the Bayou Magic really contrasts well with dark/muddy water. The chartreuse tail provides an excellent attack point for the redfish once it gets close enough to mount a strike on the lure.

With a flick of his Cajun wrist, a pluff mud warlock concocted the Flex Mullet “Bayou Magic”. His intent – rule over the redfish with omnipotence. Morning Glory, as some call it, has to be one of the most effective dirty water colors of all time. You can take the red’s word for it. The warlock must have put a love potion into the Flex Mullet “Bayou Magic” because the reds are enchanted by it.

4. Flex Mullet “Texas Flamin’ Mingo”

Pink has always been a confidence color for me in dirty water. I think the redfish really pick up on the pink lure when the water is in that transition between tannic and muddy. I like throwing the Texas Flamin’ Mingo in areas like East Matagorda when I’m primarily wade fishing.

Flamingos mate for life - I don’t know if that's true, but once you try the Flex Mullet "Texas Flamin' Mingo" you'll sure be hooked for life. Do you live in Florida? Do you live in a trailer park? Throw some of these in your front lawn and you're sure to impress the neighbors. Especially if your neighbors are fish!

5. Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole”

This is my go-to color when I’m way back in the marsh in the fall. The Shrimp Creole is the perfect fall shrimp imitator and the redfish can’t resist it when worked along marsh grass edges. Rig it weedless so you don’t get hung on the marsh grass.

Here is our recipe for a great Shrimp Creole. It’s the best thing you’ll ever put in a fish’s mouth.

Step 1: Buy the Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole”

Step 2: Rig up the Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole”

Step 3: Cast the Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole” at a fish

Step 4: Enjoy!

The Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole” has that good color of a shrimp lure, with way more action that a shrimp lure.


1. Flex Mullet “Space Ghost”

It’s hard to beat a pearl colored lure in clear water. I throw the Space Ghost in the spring and early summer during the baitfish hatch. It’s a great way to match-the-hatch.


It’s hot coast to coast. Everyone loves a pearl fishing lure, so we’re hitting you with our rendition of just that. The Flex Mullet “Space Ghost” is your favorite pearl fishing lure with some added space dust. Literally! We went to the freakin moon, collected some space dust, and put it in this lure. We’re not joking, just joking, we’re not joking, just joking. A pearl fishing lure with space dust should be in everyone’s tackle box. Get your Flex Mullet “Space Ghost” today.

2. Flex Mullet “Anchoa”

Similar to the Space Ghost, the Anchoa is a great baitfish imitator. It’s aptly named, as it really shimmers like a small baitfish in clear water. I like throwing the Anchoa over grass flats and working potholes.


Put it on pizza, or in a fish’s mouth. The Flex Mullet “Anchoa” is that irresistible flash of silver. Bay anchovies (Anchoa mitchilli) migrate into bays during the spring and summer, and back out to deeper water during the fall and winter. While in the bays, they are a huge prey item for trout and redfish and are a great bait fish to match. The Flex Mullet “Anchoa” is just that – a flash of silver to match the migration of anchovy and evoke a trout and redfish feeding frenzy. Rule the school with the Flex Mullet “Anchoa” by Boca Chica Baits.

3. Flex Mullet “Kickin’ Wing”

Great for wade fishing in the fall, the Kickin’ Wing resembles a shrimp. The added silver glitter in the belly reflects the sunlight and gives the fish a nice visual in which to mount an attack.

We've got whistling bungholes, spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don'ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, and whistlin' kitty chasers! Toss the Flex Mullet "Kickin' Wing" up in the grass and watch the fireworks.

4. Flex Mullet “Dorado”

This is the Swiss Army Knife of colors. I throw this in both dirty and clear water. The Dorado is jam packed with gold glitter. I like throwing the Dorado on slightly overcast days – that’s when the gold glitter really shines.

IT’S LIKE A SOFT GOLD SPOON!!! The 3.5″ Flex Mullet “Dorado” is our OG and is the ideal technical soft plastic when stalking the flats for reds, specks, flounder, or snook. The Flex Mullet “Gold Spoon” aka “Dorado” incorporates our flex-tail design in order to give hardcore anglers a technical advantage when in the marsh. The “Dorado” is packed with gold fleck which gives the underwater appearance of fish scales. It’s irresistible to predatory fishes.

5. Flex Mullet “Bone Diamond”

A classic clear water lure. This is another great baitfish imitator with more shine than the Space Ghost but less than the Anchoa. It’s a perfect hybrid. I love throwing the Bone Diamond when I’m wade fishing in clear water.

A classic baitfish imitator, the Flex Mullet "Bone Diamond" is the perfect way to match-the-hatch. When you see bait, throw on this color and get ready to get bent. Rig it in tandem (Speck Rig) and give the trout an even more realistic look. The Flex Mullet "Bone Diamond" should be in everyone's tackle box, at all times.

There you have it. My TOP 5 dirty water colors and my TOP 5 clear water colors. I hope this helps you when picking a color the next time your out on the water. Let me know what your favorite colors are in the comments section. Shoot me an email if you have any questions about my products. My email is

Thanks for reading and tight lines!

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