Flex Mullet "Bone Diamond"

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THE STORY: A classic baitfish imitator, the Flex Mullet "Bone Diamond" is the perfect way to match-the-hatch. When you see bait, throw on this color and get ready to get bent. Rig it in tandem (Speck Rig) and give the trout an even more realistic look. The Flex Mullet "Bone Diamond" should be in everyone's tackle box, at all times.

THE DESIGN: The Flex Mullet "Bone Diamond" has a clear belly and a pearl back. We then took heavy silver glitter and peppered it throughout both the back and the belly to give it a some flash in the water, just like the scales of a baitfish. We recommend rigging this with a traditional jighead and swimming it through the water just like you'd see a baitfish fleeing from a predator.