Flex Mullet "Ditch Pickle"

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THE STORY: It's salty, sour, crunchy...and it lives in a ditch? It's everything the fish ever wanted in a lure. The Flex Mullet "Ditch Pickle" also answers to Slaunch Donkey, Fence Panda, Fatty Patty, and Toad. 

THE DESIGN: The Flex Mullet "Ditch Pickle" is part of our laminated series, which means that the top and bottom are different colors. The top is a baby bass green and the bottom is a clear. We then took silver glitter and peppered it throughout the entire lure to give it a scaly look. The green over clear combo is a solid choice for clear water. Rig it weedless and work it along the edges of creeks on an outgoing tide and watch the reds put on a feeding frenzy!