Q-Tail "Big Shrimpin"

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THE STORY: If HOV was a crustacean, he'd be Big Shrimpin. Shrimpin' ain't easy - everything is out to get you. The Q-Tail "Big Shrimpin" is reversing the typical predator-prey interaction that leaves all shrimp as the lowly prey. No, "Big Shrimpin" flips the script - it's out for revenge. Pick up a bag of Q-Tail "Big Shrimpin", put on your shrimp boots, and shrimp (pimp) walk to the coast, because GATOR DON'T PLAY NO ISH!

THE DESIGN: We packed lots of gold and red glitter into a clear body. The clear body really allows the glitter to shimmer in the water, making it a super flashy redfish and trout color. Rig with a standard jighead and work in deeper water, or rig it weedless and work it closer to the surface over grass or oysters. The Q-Tail "Big Shrimpin" is a vary versatile lure.